Be the Way

Longitude Holding is a privately-owned investment vehicle, actively managing a diversified portfolio of business ventures in the railway transportation, short-sea shipping, hospitality and asset financing. With over 30 years experience in these fields, we also provide first-class consulting to current operators and new market entrants in these niche markets. 
Our name pays a tribute to the work of John Harrison (1693 – 1776), the British inventor that finally solved the so called “Problem of determining the Longitude”. From the invention of latitude/longitude system by Eratosthenes on 3rd Century BC, it in fact took 2000 years before creating the first system to accurately calculate it. John Harrison went against the tide with innovation, vision and passion in order to find a solution to something that everyone thought otherwise unsolvable: the spirit of Longitude. 

Against the Tide

Innovation comes from exploring the unexplored paths, going against the tide with an open mind.

Long Term Vision

As we operate in capital intensive markets, we do always plan for a long term horizon in our investments.

Synergies and Scalability

Longitude invests only where is able to bring know-how, experience and integration between its portfolio.


Most of our investments are operated as a joint venture, to bring the right dose of experience in each business.


We invest in small and mid-size ventures with great potential for growth, in all stages of development, geographically located within the EU. We operate in niche, capital-intensive markets primary in the passenger and freight railway and maritime operations, but also in the tourism and hospitality sectors.

As we are privately funded, we do not necessarily seek an exit on our investments and thus we are passionate about the long-term development of our business. Furthermore, we do not participate in the business as sole investors but as fellow entrepreneur.


Thanks to our background and over 30 years of experience, Longitude is able to provide specialised and tailor-made advisory for the start-up and operation of railway operators in Europe. We are able to provide a full package of services, such as:

Business Plan Analysis

Regulatory Compliance (Licence & Safety Certificate)

New/Used Rolling Stock brokerage and financing 

Operations Set-Up and Review