Longitude Holding is a privately-held investment company, actively managing a portfolio of businesses in the railways, maritime and hospitality industries. With vision and perseverance, since 30 years we innovate the way people move and connect.

Our expertise


As pioneers of the railways liberalisation, we have over 30 years experience in the start-up and operation of both passenger and freight railway operators.


We invest in small and mid size boutique hotels in the best Mediterranean islands.

Real Estate

Longitude also holds significant real estate holdings in Italy, providing unparalleled access to prime locations.

How Longitude can help your business


Longitude is able to invest in innovative transportation and mobility companies (rail, sea and land) with the strong potential for growth throughout Europe.


Thanks to Longitude' know-how, we can provide tailor-made advisory to current operators and new market entrants.


Longitude can also operate in the context of sale-and-leaseback financial structures or source and finance the perfect rolling stock or vessel to their operators.